Wetherspoons – Sheaf Island, Sheffield, February 2018

Sheffield is full of restaurants, cafes and eateries. And many of them appeal to the masses by selling all you can eat breakfasts and super value drive food. After sampling many of these, the Wetherspoons breakfast really does take some beating.

We attended the Ecclesall Road branch on a Saturday morning and the place was jam-packed. A real mix of custom from students to pensioners. Finding a seat in this branch at breakfast time is never the easiest of tasks but we managed to get seated on a table that could have done with a little tidy and wipe…..

The menus are well presented and clear to decipher; you order at the bar. For a large breakfast you only pay £5.29! That was a no brainer. You get refillable hot drinks, so ordered a tea and used the self service area and helped myself to a Tetleys.

The food was out quicker that I could have predicted, I actually wonder if they just mass cook these items early on and then they are straight to plate….either way I don’t really mind as the breakfast is a winner for the money!

Included in the mammoth breakfast is 2 x very tasty sausages, 2 x bacon rashers, 3 x hash browns, beans, tomato, mushrooms, toast with butter, 2 x fried eggs and the option of extras including black pudding, which was delicious.

If you wish you can fill your hot drink up after breakfast and drink as much as you like. Overall, a really great breakfast, as long as you know what to expect with the slightly ‘rough around the edges’ touch to the popular chain.



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